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About Amita

Describe Amita in one sentence · “An IT Department in a box”

Describe Amita in a paragraph

Amita are an award winning IT Service provider with a team of highly trained and experienced technical staff who are dedicated to providing you with fast, flexible, friendly and first-class support at all times.

All the skills of a corporate IT department from support through development, discounted hardware and software, advice, backup, business continuity options and web hosting with all our skills and services at the same flat rate. Flexible payment plans ease the burden and enable easy financial planning with credit options available. We only provide what we can support and in most cases use the technology ourselves.

What size are your clients?

Companies of all sizes and sectors depend on us to be their complete IT department (but at a fraction of the cost). We exist to provide excellent service and develop long-term relationships.

From more than one PC to over 300 with multiple servers & our typical client probably has 25 users. All clients have access to the same breadth of skills. We do not charge different rates for different services. All skills are available at the same rate and that is a core part of Amita's offering.

How long has Amita been established?

The company was founded in 2003 and has decades of experience as our staff have worked in every aspect of the industry from manufacture, IT departments, previous support companies and as end users so we have an understanding of the industry from every facet.

Do I need to sign a contract tying me in?

No. Amita requires none of its clients to sign contracts as we believe our quality and work ethos is the correct way to retain clients.

However, we do have contracts available, for example covering annual timescales, service levels and other areas our clients wish to have formalised.

Where did the name Amita come from?

It is pronounced “A-meet-ah” and the word is taken from the Hebrew word for “truth”. It also has a Chinese meaning of “strong-net” although apt, that was not intentional and it is also used as a name in some areas of the world.

How do I know you will still be around in the future? What is your longevity?

Amita is here to stay. We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in our infrastructure, technology and we retain qualified staff. The company’s reinvestment on a yearly basis is one of the highest in the industry.